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Einladung zum Totentanz - Title Track


Songtitel: A Man alone
Film: Einladung zum Totentanz (: ...e venne il Tempo di uccidere)
M: Francesco De Masi
I: Ettore Lovecchio („Raoul“)


A man walks all alone.
Cold is the day and dark is the night.
His eyes don't see the moon above
and everything is failed.

The soul is no more quiet.
He's no more a man, but a shame.
He's looking for the right way,
but he can't suceed to get it.

Maybe someday someone will come
to help this man, this poor man to find the way.

The man walks all alone.
His heart is wardring pains without peace.
His mind refuses to live this life,
this life without any friend.

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