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Verflucht, verdammt und Halleluja - Title Track


Songtitel: Don´t lose control
Verflucht, verdammt und Halleluja
Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
Gene Martin


Land, soon you smile, love will be here.
Dreams left behind, now appear.
Live them well, there's no need to regret
and though at times you see things around
tumblin' down, not knowin' the season,
for the reason.

Sure, if the breeze turn your mind
to one you knew, whose love's true, you don't choose it
only losin' that all,
that you're losin' control.
It's no place you should go,
don't lose control

Times, progress and nature will change,
almost plan to rearrange.
Hearts remain the same and reflect
and just as minds searching for their pray,
bringin' down and keep right on goin'.
Never knowin'.

Well if you mind, you're being lost
all within the crowd
and all you hear is the laughter.
It's new these after that go, that you're losing control
it's no place you should go, don't lose control.

Dreams, left them well, don't ever regret.
Hearts remained the same and reflect.
Land, soon you smile, love will be here.


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