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Label: raoul

Content with label raoul in Italowestern-Themes (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Arizona Colt - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: The Man from nowhereFilm: "Arizona Colt" (Il Pistolero di Arizona)M/T: Francesco de MasiI: Ettore Lovecchio („Raoul“) Lyrics: He came out of nowherewith no one beside himHe rode out o…
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Page: Django - ein Sarg voll Blut - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: Walk by my Side Film: Django - ein Sarg voll Blut (Il Momento di uccidere), Django - Tag der Abrechnung (Quel maledetto Giorno della Resa dei Conti)M: Francesco de Masi T: Alessandro …
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Page: Einladung zum Totentanz - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: A Man aloneFilm: Einladung zum Totentanz (: ...e venne il Tempo di uccidere)M: Francesco De MasiI: Ettore Lovecchio („Raoul“) Lyrics: A man walks all alone.Cold is the day and dark is…
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Page: Leg ihn um, Django - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: StrangerFilm: Leg ihn um, Django (Vado... l'ammazzo e torno)M/T: Francesco De Masi/Alessandro AlessandroniI: Ettore Lovecchio („Raoul“) Lyrics: Run!Run!Run!Stranger, stranger, who kno…
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Page: Quanto costa morire - Titeltrack
Info: Songtitel: Who ist the ManFilm: Quanto costa morireM/T: Francesco De MasiI: Ettore Lovecchio („Raoul“) Lyrics: Who is the man, that will face down on his enemywithout thinking to use his gun and…
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Page: Satansbrut des Colonel Blake, Die - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: Seven MenFilm: Die Satansbrut des Colonel Blake (Sette Winchester per un Massacro)M: Francesco de MasiI: Raoul Lyrics: When seven daring young men,when seven creeping shadowsgo riding…
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Page: Schmutzigen Dreizehn, Die - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: Will you be mineFilm: Die schmutzigen Dreizehn (Quindici Forche per un Assassino)M: Francesco de MasiI: Ettore Lovecchio („Raoul“) Lyrics: Wanted you more every day,when you're away.W…
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Page: Tod zählt keine Dollar, Der - Finale
Info: Songtitel: Ohne (Finale)Film: Der Tod zählt keine Dollar (La Morte non conta i Dollari)M/T: Robby Poitevin, Nora OrlandiI: Ettore Lovecchio („Raoul“) Lyrics: And such a day full of sunwith a bab…
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Page: Töte alle und kehre allein zurück - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: GoldFilm: Töte alle und kehre allein zurückM: Francesco di MasiI: Ettore Lovecchio ("Raoul") Lyrics: There is gold,hidden gold.All men desire,but few men ever find.There is gold,that …
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