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Page: 100.000 Dollar für Ringo - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: Ringo came to fightFilm: 100.000 Dollar für Ringo (100.000 Dollari per Ringo)M/T: Bruno NicolaiI: Robert Satti ("Bobby Solo") Lyrics: Ringo came to fightto kill or to die.His gun spok…
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Page: 20.000 Dollari sporchi di Sangue - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: 20000 for a KidnappingFilm: 20.000 Dollari sporchi di SangueM: Michele LacerenzaI: Peter Boom Lyrics: Kidnapping. Out in the West, where the people are wild,Cowboys, that live by thei…
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Page: Adios Gringo - Title Track - Deutsche Fassung
Info: Songtitel: Adios, GringoFilm: Adios Gringo (Adios Gringo)M: Benedetto GhigliaI: Jürgen Herbst Lyrics: Gringo. Adios, Gringo.Das Gesetz der Prärie bringt Gefahren,und Gringo muss reiten bei Tag u…
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Page: Adios Gringo - Title Track - English Version
Info: Songtitel: GringoFilm: Adios Gringo (Adios Gringo)M: Benedetto GhigliaI: Fred Bongusto Lyrics: When the wind of freedom is comin´,it means, that now Gringo is comin´ to you. Gringo, is the man, …
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Page: Bahre für den Sheriff, Eine - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: A lone and angry ManFilm: Eine Bahre für den Sheriff (Una Bara per lo Sceriffo)M: Francesco de MasiI: Peter Tevis Lyrics: I am a lone and angry man,drifting like the shifting sand.My …
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Page: Bandidos - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: Ballata del TrenoFilm: Bandidos (Bandidos)M/I: Nico Fidenco Lyrics: They had wandered from their home land.A new life they hoped to find there.Now they sleep in peace forever,in the s…
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Page: Ben und Charlie - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: Let it rain, let it pourFilm: Ben und Charlie (Amico, stammi lontano almeno un Palmo)M: Gianni FerrioT, I: Stefan Grossman Lyrics: I crossed that man, he said to me:Let it rain or let…
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Page: Chiamavano King, Lo - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: His Name was KingFilm: Lo Chiamavano KingM: Luis Enriquez BacalovI: Ann Collin Lyrics: His name was King, he had a horse.Along the countrysideI saw him ride.He had a gun, I knew him w…
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Home page: Die Italowestern-Songs
Italowestern-Soundtracks oder die Musik als Schmalz auf der Stulle Über die generelle Rolle der Musik im Italowestern haben wir uns bei den Komponisten bereits ein wenig verbreitet. Hier wollen wir un…
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Page: Django - Der Rächer - Title Track
Info: Songtitel: Texas goodbyeFilm: Django - Der Rächer (Texas addio)M: Anton AbrilT/I: Don Powell Lyrics: As a boyall the thoughts, that filled my mind,were as a boy.Then, one day,something in my chi…
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