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Label: lyrics

All content with label lyrics.
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Page: 100.000 Dollar für Ringo - Title Track (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: Ringo came to fightFilm: 100.000 Dollar für Ringo (100.000 Dollari per Ringo)M/T: Bruno NicolaiI: Robert Satti ("Bobby Solo") Lyrics: Ringo came to fightto kill or to die.His gun spok…
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Page: 20.000 Dollari sporchi di Sangue - Title Track (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: 20000 for a KidnappingFilm: 20.000 Dollari sporchi di SangueM: Michele LacerenzaI: Peter Boom Lyrics: Kidnapping. Out in the West, where the people are wild,Cowboys, that live by thei…
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Page: Adios Gringo - Title Track - Deutsche Fassung (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: Adios, GringoFilm: Adios Gringo (Adios Gringo)M: Benedetto GhigliaI: Jürgen Herbst Lyrics: Gringo. Adios, Gringo.Das Gesetz der Prärie bringt Gefahren,und Gringo muss reiten bei Tag u…
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Page: Adios Gringo - Title Track - English Version (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: GringoFilm: Adios Gringo (Adios Gringo)M: Benedetto GhigliaI: Fred Bongusto Lyrics: When the wind of freedom is comin´,it means, that now Gringo is comin´ to you. Gringo, is the man, …
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Page: Arizona Colt - Title Track (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: The Man from nowhereFilm: "Arizona Colt" (Il Pistolero di Arizona)M/T: Francesco de MasiI: Ettore Lovecchio („Raoul“) Lyrics: He came out of nowherewith no one beside himHe rode out o…
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Page: Bahre für den Sheriff, Eine - Title Track (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: A lone and angry ManFilm: Eine Bahre für den Sheriff (Una Bara per lo Sceriffo)M: Francesco de MasiI: Peter Tevis Lyrics: I am a lone and angry man,drifting like the shifting sand.My …
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Page: Bandidos - Title Track (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: Ballata del TrenoFilm: Bandidos (Bandidos)M/I: Nico Fidenco Lyrics: They had wandered from their home land.A new life they hoped to find there.Now they sleep in peace forever,in the s…
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Page: Ben und Charlie - Title Track (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: Let it rain, let it pourFilm: Ben und Charlie (Amico, stammi lontano almeno un Palmo)M: Gianni FerrioT, I: Stefan Grossman Lyrics: I crossed that man, he said to me:Let it rain or let…
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Page: Chiamavano King, Lo - Title Track (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: His Name was KingFilm: Lo Chiamavano KingM: Luis Enriquez BacalovI: Ann Collin Lyrics: His name was King, he had a horse.Along the countrysideI saw him ride.He had a gun, I knew him w…
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Page: Dicke in Mexiko, Der - Title Track (Italowestern-Themes)
Info: Songtitel: Can be doneFilm: Der Dicke in Mexiko (Si puo fare ... Amigo)M: Luis Enriquez BacalovI: Charles "Rocky" Roberts Lyrics: When I was just a little boy, I used to say:Can be done.And the …
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