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Label: $$$-+1965

All content with label $$$-+1965.
Related Labels: stefanelli, 1968, reed, volonté, renier, wang, william_sylvester, garrone, blanc, gemma, cronin, teffè, tier-horror, marchent, nicolai, 1967, russ-meyer, wang_yu, $$$$+, more » ( - $$$-, - 1965 )

Page: Scarletto – Schloss des Blutes (Horror)
OT:  Il Boia scarlatto AT:Bloody Pit of HorrorA Tale of TortureCrimson ExecutionerThe red HangmanDer scharlachrote HenkerDas Schreckensschloss des scharlachroten HenkersJahr: I/USA 1965R: Massimo Pupi…
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Page: Wang Yu - Der Tempel des Roten Lotus (Strafraum)
OT: Jiang Hu Qi Xia AT:Huo Shao Hong Lian Si Zhi Jiang Hu Qi XiaTemple of the Red LotusWang Yu – Tempel des Red Lotus Jahr: HK 1965R: Hsu Tseng-Hung (= Sui Jang Hung)B: San Kong (= Chiang Shen)K: Wong…
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